Family Friendly Travel

Have you recently planned any family friendly meetings/events and if so, what kinds of creative/unique activities did you include in the itinerary? Families love to come to Colorado for reunions and weddings. We plan a number of these types of events each year. Many families love to visit sites that were important to them when they lived here as children (schools, churches, neighborhoods, attractions). Some of the groups are "hosted" by one family member who lives in Denver and wants to show off the city to the rest of the family-- many who have never visited Colorado before. We like to create tours that are nostalgic but also highlight the growth of the city, especially now that Denver has been featured on the national and world stage more and more over the past few years. We also like to feature educational components, like the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library or the Colorado Railroad Museum for example, which are always a big hit. Guests tend to leave Denver feeling very proud of what the city has become.

Do you have any advice for those planning family friendly events? When planning for families, it is important to remember that there are many differing budgets to consider. One family member may be unmarried with no children and without much concern for budget, while another family member may have many children and a much tighter budget. We are lucky that Denver offers quite a number of free or low cost activities that can be balanced with paid activities. Allowing families time together to hike, bike, swim, climb, or enjoy free concerts and movies in Civic Center Park offers affordable family bonding time. We also make sure that the families experience a relaxing scenic motor coach ride through the front range and foothills while a Certified Tour Guide shares highlights and history of the Gold Rush and the Old West. We are mindful to include sites that showcase our beautiful landscape, such as Red Rocks Amphitheater, as well as exciting architectural offerings, such as the Denver Art Museum and the Wells Fargo Building. The public art all around the city only serves to enhance the experience.

Is the trend to bring families on the upswing? If so, why? Family travel is indeed on the upswing. Many families find it less expensive and easier to travel by motor coach, especially when small children are involved. A huge trend right now is "Grand Travel", which involves grandparents traveling with grandchildren. The baby-boomer generation today tends to be very healthy and active, with money to spend, and they enjoy bonding with their grandchildren over unique activities such as white water rafting or even renting B-Cycles and riding around town. It's great to see grandparents teach their grandchildren that there is a world to be enjoyed outside of cell phones and video games, and it's great to see children waking up to that world and loving it.


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